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Healthy Nougats. Made Delicious.

Award-winning nut bars that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience.

Indulge in a truly satisfying snacking experience with 50% less sugar and with as little as 150 calories per bar.

Perfect for ...

... satisfying your sweet cravings. 
Our delicate soft melt-in-your-mouth nougats are truly satisfying and healthy too.

... when you are on the go. 
Our bars contain the perfect balance between energy release and controlled calorie intake - great for in between meals.

... when you need energy. 
With plenty of nuts and skimmed milk our bars provide a steady protein release with added vitamins and calcium for a lasting energy boost.

... when you want something different. 
Want to try something that you cannot find in your local supermarket? Our bars are super delicious and only for sale online!

Less sugar. More protein.

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Nothing short of excellence.

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We care about our planet.

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