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Allow yourself some me-time

As we slowly come out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’, it’s still very important to give yourself a little me-time. We want to share with you our top tips for keeping your mind and body relaxed.

SAY YEY - Green Life

Bring Nature Indoor

Bringing nature into your daily routine can help to de-stress as well as providing your lungs with some fresh air to counter those pollutants in our daily life. We found some amazing giant cheese plants from our local flower market. Ikea also provides plenty indoor plant choices at a reasonable price. Bring the outdoors indoor by adding a touch of greenery to your living space.

Another tip to elevate your working-from-home desk is with a succulent plant. They are super cute and resilient. You can find them at most of homeware stores and your local garden centre.

SAY YEY - Flowers

Create a sanctuary for yourself

Scent has an amazing power and influence over us. Create a calming retreat at home and take a moment to light a scented candle or select your favourite fragrance for your diffuser. You can find many great diffusers on Amazon but our favourite essential oils for a calming atmosphere are from Muji. Aromatherapy can be one of the best ways to remove all the burden from your mind and helps your body to relax.

SAY YEY - Aromatherapie

Take some time for yourself

Having something you enjoy all by yourself while reading a book or watching a film in quietness may seem like a luxury sometimes. However, you deserve this and why not select one of your favourite nougats from us (always made fresh to order), brew your favourite cuppa, then curl up with your entertainment of choice and enjoy this precious moment.

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Make up and dress up

Most of us have been a little lazy over the past few months and have spent too much time in our PJs or lounge wear. Why not pick a summer dress from your wardrobe and take some time to put on some make-up? Your dress is collecting dust and your lipstick is missing you terribly!

This is the perfect time to stay in touch with friends & family who you have not been able to see over the past few months via FaceTime or Skype, especially when you looking your best.

It’s still important to stay connected, in particular with those who you may still not be able to see, even as the lockdown gradually eases.

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