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SAY YEY Avoid unhealthy food
Now we are coming to the end of “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme in most of places. Does anyone also regretting the food we “hoovered up” during August?

The temperatures have been dropping lately and it’s not shocking we start craving for comfort foods like chocolates and crisps. But please don’t let eating out or the weather be your worst enemy of keeping fit and healthy.
SAY YEY - Eat healthy

Do try to replace your dessert cravings or naughty snacks with one of our delicious nougats instead. At less than 150 calories, our handmade low sugar nougat bars are specifically designed to be nutritionally balanced. And because they are packed full of nuts, they will keep your cravings at bay whilst giving you the energy boost you need to perform during your work outs.
Don’t let yourself slip, we are here with you!

SAY YEY - Protein Low Calorie Nougats