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Our Rewards Account & Referral Program

We've got some exciting news! We've now launched our very own SAY YEY Rewards Account and Referral Program.

Rewards Account

You can earn YEY points on every purchase you make and on certain activites like:

  • Earn 10 YEY points for every £1 spent
  • Earn 10 YEY points for creating an account with us
  • Earn 10 YEY points for Liking us on Facebook
  • Earn 10 YEY points for Following us on Instagram

To see your point balance, simply log into your account and press the white crown on the bottom left side of your screen. Now, we've created some exciting ways to redeem your points.

  • 100 YEY Points: get 10% off
  • 250 YEY Points: get £4 off 
  • 500 YEY Points: get £9 off  (equivalent to 1 x Small Pack)
  • 750 YEY Points: get £14 off (equivalent to 1 x Large Pack)

Referral Program

In addition to collection YEY points, we have also launched a Referral Program. You can now recommend our nougats to your friends and you both will enjoy a 20% coupon to put towards your next purchase with us. Now the great thing is that you will receive a coupon for each successful referral!

Join our Rewards Account today and start saving!