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Healthy Nougats for a Healthy You

SAY YEY Protein Nougat

 What special? 

We use the best ingredients we could find, all known for their health benefits such as almonds, chia seeds, goji berries and matcha. The result is an exquisite range of tasty and healthy nougats with 100% satisfaction guaranteed! 

All of our nougats are freshly handmade and packaged in small batches. There are no big machines or conveyer belts. All our nougats are made with love and attention by real people fresh to order

We designed our nougats to be super delicious and healthy. With only 150 calories, 50% less sugar than conventional nougats and plenty of slow release protein, our nougats are the perfect energy booster for any occasion.


 What's included? 

1 x Cacao & Hazelnut
This treat will awaken the chocolate-lover in each and one of us.This amazing protein nougat bar is the result of a simple flavour combination of Venezuelan Fairtrade cacao over whole roasted hazelnuts, almonds and flame raisins - sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt and a kick of espresso.

1 x Matcha & Goji Berry
Taking you on journey to the east, matcha is finely ground powder from specially grown green tea. This earthy and fragrant bar captures the best of eastern desserts - its refreshing green tea flavour is perfectly balanced by the distinct flavour of sweet cranberries and sour goji berries - both well known for their health benefits. It’s the perfect detox treat for people who yearns for a delicate and well balanced flavour combination.

1 x Rose & Almond
Inspired by the battle of roses, this flavour is quintessentially British and captures the essence of our British summer. This floral, naturally sweet and sophisticated flavour is a beautiful harmony of sweet rose, nutty almonds & chia seeds and zingy fruity cranberries.

1 x Cherry, Walnut & Pecan (+£1)
This exotic and full bodied flavour is ever so tempting, satisfying and luxurious. It captures the contrasting flavours of sweet & juicy cherries and nutty & buttery pecan, making the product bursting with rich and complex flavours. It is one of our own favourites.

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