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 We make healthy desserts you’d love to eat! 

We never want to miss out on anything. That’s why we live active & eventful lives and when it comes to desserts, we don’t want to make any compromises. We want bold delicious flavours, in an easy grab & go format, that leave us completely satisfied rather than feeling guilty!
We’ve soon realised that such a thing is hard to come by. Indulgent desserts are usually difficult to eat on the go and far too unhealthy. Candy bars are usually loaded with sugar and snack bars often don’t taste anything like what the makers want us to believe. Protein bars on the other hand are really difficult to digest and not as healthy as advertised. So we thought, we can do better!
That’s why we created a handmade artisan nougat treat, packaged in a portable format for your convenience, with bold flavours inspired by real foodies around the world. And because we want our soft nougats to be healthy, we’ve replaced all the BAD stuff with the GOOD stuff instead.
For example, we've cut the amount of sugar in HALF and use skimmed milk or whole nuts for added protein (best form of protein there is for slow release). We also jam pack this treat with loads of quality nuts such as almonds & pecan and add in superfood ingredients (like matcha, goji berries and chia seeds) that we usually don't eat enough of.
The result is a portable, low-calorie treat that is nutritionally balanced and most importantly, super delicious! The perfect alternative for anyone who is looking to upgrade their desserts whilst aiming for a healthier living.
SAY YEY Vegan Nut Bars