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SAY YEY - Great Taste Award Winner

A tasty treat for a healthier you!

Award-winning bars for guilt-free indulgence

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SAY YEY Protein Nougat

Our soft low sugar candy bars are the perfect dessert replacement

We mix oven roasted whole nuts with dried fruits into our soft and creamy low sugar nougat texture. The result is an indulgent, satisfying yet healthy little treat!

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We use quality ingredients known for their superpowers!

Our mouthwatering flavour combinations are made by real foodies inspired by flavours from all over the world. We use natural ingredients that you can see and pronounce and NEVER add any artifical preservatives, sweeteners or palm oil.

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SAY YEY - Nutrionally Balaced Nougat
Cherry Walnut Pecan Nougat - SAY YEY

Every bar is handmade in our kitchen in London

We make and package all our nougats by hand in our kitchen in London. There are no conveyer belts or flow wrapping machines. Just a pot a stirrer and a knife. Our candy bars are made with love by real people. 

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Our nougats are designed to be nutritionally balanced

Our protein candy bars are designed to give you the energy boost you need to power through the day. Rich in protein, naturally low in sugar and with as little as 150 calories, our bars are the perfect treat to supplement your diet plan. 

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SAY YEY - Nutrionally Balaced Nougat

- Only 150 Calories

- Source of Protein

- Easy Digestible

- 50% Less Sugar*

*than traditional Italian nougats