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Cacao & Hazelnut - SAY YEY Nougats
Cacao & Hazelnut - SAY YEY Nougats
Cacao & Hazelnut - SAY YEY Nougats
Cacao & Hazelnut - SAY YEY Nougats
Cacao & Hazelnut - SAY YEY Nougats

Cacao & Hazelnut

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Big Flavours
Venezuelan Fairtrade cacao over whole hazelnuts and almonds - sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt and a kick of espresso. This treat will awaken the chocolate-lover in each and one of us.

Superstar Ingredients
We carefully select quality ingredients both for their taste and health benefits. Our nougats are made of at least 22% oven-roasted nuts, skimmed milk and grounded oats for a creamy texture. Our selection of superfood ingredients have been hand-picked to give you the energy boost you need to power through the day.

Positive Impact
We aim to have a positive impact on nature and on people’s lives. That's why our labels and packaging are made of 100% recycled materials and our ingredients are sourced from organic or fairtrade suppliers. We also offset all our emission charges by investing in initiatives that help to preserve and restore forests.   

What's special? 
Our oriental style nougats contain only half the sugar of traditional nougats and even less than most fruit and nut bars on the market. We are aware of the health risks of artificial sweeteners and we would never use them!
We've designed our nougats to be light, yet fullfilling. With as little as 150 calories our nougats are perfect as an energy snack or as a truly satisfying dessert replacement.
Protein is vital to help build and repair body tissues and aid in building muscle definition. Our snacks contain natural sources of slow release protein whilst being significantly lower in fat than most nut bars on the market. 
Our bars are optimally designed to contain a good balance of essential fats, carbohydrates and protein that are easily digestible and that provide you with enough energy to power through your cardio workouts. 

We use the best whole ingredients we can find and bind them together in our soft low sugar nougat texture. Each nougat contains ingredients that have been carefully selected for their goodness and health benefits. 
We believe nature does a pretty good job in creating precious ingredients and we like to keep them this way. We minimise processing and never add any artifical additives, sweeteners, palm oil or preservatives.
We make all our nougats in our London kitchen by hand. There are no big machines or conveyer belts. Our nougats are made with love by real people using natural ingredients!