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Cacao & Hazelnut
Cacao & Hazelnut

Cacao & Hazelnut

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This treat will awaken the chocolate-lover in each and one of us. This amazing nougat bar is the result of a simple flavour combination of Venezuelan Fairtrade cacao over whole hazelnuts, almonds and flamed raisins - sprinkled with a pinch of sea salt and a kick of espresso.

SAY YEY - Cacao & Hazelnut Protein Nougat
What's special?

Our oriental style nougats contain 50% less sugar than traditional nougats and even less than most fruit and nut bars on the market. We are aware of the health risks of artificial sweeteners and we would never use them, ever!

Our snacks are designed to be a healthy add-on to your diet and we designed them to be light, yet fullfilling. You'd be surprised how satisfying this low calorie snack can be.

Protein is vital to help build and repair body tissues and aid in building muscle definition. Our snacks contain natural sources of protein whilst being significantly lower in fat than most nut bars on the market.

Our bars are optimally designed to contain a good balance of essential fats, carbohydrates and protein that are easily digestible and that provide you with energy to power through your cardio workouts. The perfect snack to complement your diet. 

We believe nature does a pretty good job in creating precious ingredients and we like to keep them this way. We minimise processing and never add any artifical additives, sweeteners or preservatives. Also, all our snacks are palm oil-free.

We make all our snacks by hand. There are no big machines or conveyer belts. Our snacks are made with love by real people using natural ingredients!


What are SAY YEY Bars?
Our oriental style nougat bars are an ultra-convenient and tasty complement to your healthy meal or drink. Whether you’re out and about, in a rush, or fancy a snack, just grab one and go.

What do your SAY YEY Bars taste like?
Our snack bars are truely unique. A delicious soft nougat texture that has just the right amount of sweetness, with crunchy nuts, low carb biscuits and fruity bursts.

Where are your SAY YEY Bars made?
Our snack bars are handmade in our kitchen in London. No big machine or conveyer belts. Just a pot, a stirrer and a knife.

When will I receive my order?
All items are sent via Royal Mail post, which means deliveries can take between 2-3 working days.


    Mixed Nuts (26%) [Hazelnut, Almond], Dried Skimmed Milk (Vitamin A, Vitamin D), Glucose Syrup, Sultanas, Butter, Sugar, Biscuits (Wheat Flour, Oat Fibre, Barley Malt, Wheat Flour, Olive Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Yeast), Maize Starch, Fairtrade Cacao Powder, Gelatine, Grounded Coffee, Sea Salt.

    For allergens, see ingredients in bold. May contain traces of soya, peanuts and other nuts. No artificial colours or preservatives. Not suitable for vegetarians.

    Net weight: 35g per bar